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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Transfer Rumours - Waste Of Money?

There have been a huge amount of transfer rumours surrounding Chelsea and we've been linked with many players. The 4 names that consistently come up though are Inter Milan right back Maicon, Porto winger Hulk, Spurs' midfielder Luka Modric and Wigan striker Victor Moses. Although Maicon & Moses are new names, we have consistently been linked the Hulk & Modric for the past 2/3 transfer windows, and of course haven't signed them.

This is Di Matteo's first transfer window as Chelsea manager and he's already made, in my opinion, 2 fantastic signings in wingers Eden Hazard & Marko Marin. Although they're only rumours, we could end up signing any or even all of the 4 players we've been linked with, and I think signing most of them would be a waste of money

Hulk - A strong winger, who is therefore aptly named, and has one of the most powerful shots in football. He has however been overhyped in my opinion. A right winger who has gone about his business for Porto earning all the plaudits. Only one problem I have with this; he's earning these plaudits with Porto. The last person who made a name for himself at Porto we paid a record amount for he dramatically flopped for us. Whenever I watch Brazil I am firstly distraught at the distinct lack of David Luiz, but he's never had a storming game and doesn't warrant his €80M price tag. Eighty million. Finally, he's a right winger. Yes we do play a right winger in our system but we have Ramires, who was superb there at the end of last season, we have Marin who is a very promising player and Sturridge can play there and play there well. Absolutely no need for him, waste of money. A lot of money for that matter

Luka Modric - This is a tough one, because he's an extremely talented player and would walk into most teams. Not ours though. We play one attacking midfielder in our system, and last year Juan Mata played there and broke records. The most chances created in the premier league, a huge amount of assists for a strike force that was less than lacklustre for the most of the season and scored a good number of goals. We would probably pay about £40M for him, and he'd either sit on our bench or put Mata on it, who certainly doesn't deserve that! We have sufficient cover in the position too, and signing him would also be a waste of money.

Victor Moses - What a load of rubbish, this transfer rumour disgusts me. Has he even played that well?   Even if you think he has it would've been for Wigan. WIGAN. We have Torres, Sturridge & Lukaku and if you think that's not enough, then fine but surely the Champions of Europe (it's got a ring to it, hasn't it?) can attract bigger names than Victor Moses. Waste of money doesn't even cut it.

Maicon - This is the toughest one, because although we have Ivanovic as our starting right back, and Maicon- who is most known for not being able to handle Gareth Bale, GARETH BALE- would only be back-up, that is something we lack in that position. We have Ferreira but he's not brilliant, and that's it. I guess he'd be a good signing and good back up, we shouldn't pay to much because that would be a waste of money. No bold writing for this one, he would actually be an ok signing

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Didier Drogba - Gone But Never Forgotten

Today (Thursday 24/5/12) Chelsea will release a host of players who are out of contract in the Summer. Rumour has it that we will release my two favourite players in Kalou and Bosingwa, but in all seriousness we will bid farewell to a legend. It's been no secret that at the end of next month Drogba is out of contract, and earlier this week the inevitable was confirmed, he will leave Chelsea after 8 years. But what an 8 years, right?

When he arrived in 2004 for a very expensive (at the time) £24M many people were wary of a player who was only a household name in Marseille. A slow(ish) start from him, but he got his goal tally underway with what looks now like a typical Drogba goal, a chance out of nothing from a shockingly good cross from Babayaro, but Drogba headed fiercely and put it in. A further 15 goals that season was a disappointment from someone who cost so much, but nobody cared about one player's performance after such a season. The next year we famously retained the title, but Drogba again stayed quiet scoring a good amount of goals, but nothing special matching his stats from the season before with 16 goals in 41 appearances.

The first of many FA Cup final goals
Then something magical happened, Damien Duff left at the end of the 2005/06 season and Drogba took up the number 11 shirt he wore at Marseille, and Drogba became the player he was there too. He got his first hat-trick for the club at Levski Sofia and scored more than his previous two year's tally combined with 33 goals in all competitions, including 20 in the Premier League to win the golden boot. That year Drogba also played in two cup finals, scoring all 3 goals in each. The three goals contained traits he would go on to be known for, 2 goals against Arsenal in the League Cup final who became his favourite opponents and the only goal in the FA Cup final against Man Utd at Wembley, and scoring in Wembley cup finals would become his forte.

After the departure of Mourinho at the start of the 2007/08 season Drogba failed to 'pick up from where he left off' and was heavily linked with leaving Chelsea for wherever Mournho may go. Drogba soon picked up scoring form and although he scored his fewest goals in a season for Chelsea, he had a better goals:game ratio than he did in his first two years. Then the small matter of our first ever Champions League final. A quiet game from him, but with one of the last kicks of normal time Drogba hit the post from distance, he very nearly won the Champions League single-handedly, but then he lost it in both senses of the phrase. A typical altercation between Chelsea and Man Utd players occurred and Drogba, something else he was known for, did something stupid. He got sent off and should've taken the famous fifth penalty for us, and he should've won us the Champions League.

Following the previous season Drogba found himself on the wrong end of fans and found it hard to win them back. He had his poorest season for us and struggled under Scolari, but under Hiddink we again got to an FA Cup final and, you guessed it, Drogba scored in it. 2 goals in 2 FA Cup finals. Then arguably his best season for Chelsea followed. When we won the league the first two times, Drogba was a low key player in the success and was not pivotal a pivotal player like Lampard was, but in this season he was phenomenal. Despite an AFCON tournament in January, he still won the golden boot with 29 goals in 32 games and scored a total of 37 goals that season, including yet another FA Cup final winner.

In 2010/11 I don't think any Chelsea player had a good season, however our re-surge after Christmas was partly down to his hard work, finishing with just 13 goals for the season but more surprisingly 17 assists. When AVB arrived this season he seemed intent to start most games with Torres, and when Torres got sent off at home to Swansea giving Drogba his chance, he too was sent off meaning he played very few games over the first half. Linked to many other teams, in December he picked up form helping us see of Valencia in our crucial Champions League game and scoring on New Years Ever whilst seemingly thanking and waving goodbye to fans. Drogba's exit seemed imminent, but AVB was first to go and in came Di Matteo.

One of Di Matteo's first game was Napoli, where we overturned a 3-1 deficit with Drogba playing a very good game. He would play a lot of the games keeping Torres out of the side and scored regularly in the league. We comfortably saw off Benfica and Drogba along with 2/3 other players now known as the 'Old Guard' inspired the younger players to see off the mighty Barcelona. Somehow we had salvaged two cup finals from the season, and Drogba was expected to step up for both. He started his 4th FA Cup final for Chelsea and for the 3rd time scored the winner in it, becoming the 1st player to score 4 FA Cup final goals. Mr Wembley earned that name with those and many semi final goals, and he once again stepped up his effort and performance levels on the day when he scored his 8th goal in his 8th final for Chelsea. Then came his biggest game, our biggest game, and possibly his last game.

We played Bayern Munich in their own ground for the Champions League Final, and Drogba failed to turn up for the first 83 minutes. Bayern Munich then deservedly took the lead and Chelsea looked set to fall at the final hurdle again, Drogba's last game would be soured and although he would still leave a legend, he would never have won 'the biggie.' That though must have crossed Drogba's mind, so when Mata floated in a corner to the edge of the six yard box, Drogba put in that extra effort knowing it was his last game and powered it into the net, he'd scored a Drogba goal, his last goal very similar to his first, but that wasn't it. In Drogba fashion he did something stupid, but when Cech bailed him out he was only going to end it one way. With his sending off he should've taken the penalty to win the Champions League in Moscow, but now he had that exact chance in Munich. Drogba stepped up and, well you know the rest. He made history.

In 2004 Mourinho signed an unheard of Ivorian striker for a whopping £24M, and when rightly questioned he replied "judge him when he leaves the club." Didier leaves the club as a 3 time Premier League winning, 4 time FA Cup winning, 2 time Carling Cup winning and of course a Champions League winning hero. He is now leaving and can only be judged as the legend he is. Didier Drogba - gone but never forgotten.

Monday, 30 April 2012

Player Of The Year - My Views

Next Thursday (10th May) is our annual 'Player of the Year Awards' evening where we will see the players of the year as voted for by us (vote here) and by the players, as well as the goal of the season, young player of the season and that shirt which has been signed by past players at half time for every game will finally be auctioned off.

Player Of The Year
This is tougher than we thought it would be. Mata looked to have it in the bag but recently Ramires has been phenomenal in a completely new position for him. Other players have also flourished under Di Matteo, and I would also nominate David Luiz for the huge improvement in his game over the course of the season and Gary Cahill who has been superb and has adapted to the club well with such a big move. Sturridge I feel is also worth a mention, he's played his first full season for us and has spent all of it out of position. He was great for the first half of the year, however he is becoming unpopular with his greediness and won't win, I can guarantee you that. It's definitely a two horse race between Mata and Ramires, but I feel Mata edges it as it is important to remember this is his first season with us, he's played in multiple positions and has been great in all of them. Ramires has had his best season for us, but we knew his talent and potential after his good finish to last season. My vote goes to Juan Mata.

Goal Of The Season
Never has this been so close. We have scored a host of great goals this season, and for once there is real competition here. The nominees are:
- Jose Bosingwa v Norwich
- Daniel Sturridge v Sunderland
- Frank Lampard v Bolton
- Juan Mata v Arsenal
- Juan Mata v Man Utd
- Raul Meireles v Birmingham
- Branislav Ivanovic v Napoli
- Raul Meireles v Benfica
- Didier Drogba v Spurs
- Frank Lampard v Spurs
- Ramires v Barcelona
- Fernando Torres v Barcelona

It's a tough one, because the two Meireles goals and Sturridge's are in there for class, and Torres' is there for occasion. Only two there for me are goals that were fantastic and were important, and that's Drogba v Spurs and Ramires v Barcelona. It's tough, both were semi finals with the Barcelona game being more important, but then Drogba's was against the arch enemy on the grand stage. Toss of coin this for some, but being down to 10 men and losing 2-0 in the Nou Camp going into half time was catastrophic, but Ramires broke free and chipped the ball wonderfully over Valdes. Drogba's goal was spectacular, but Ramires v Barcelona wins it for me.

You can watch the nominees for goal of the season, vote for both awards and buy tickets for the event at  http://www.chelseafc.com/page/PlayeroftheYear/0,,10268,00.html